The CPU burned down and the radiators were stupid to use


  A lot of DIY players are careful about the choice of hardware when they are hosting a plane, so that the collocation of different hardware can play a greater role. For efficient processors, they also need to match efficient radiators to ensure long-term temperature operation.

CPU烧到宕机 散热器这么使用你就傻了

  There are many important points in the selection of radiators. For example, the radiators should match the chassis size. Some wide-body radiators squeeze into memory slots, preventing users from installing more than one memory stick. These techniques also make it easier for users to use different hardware.

CPU烧到宕机 散热器这么使用你就傻了

Select radiator do not squeeze memory slots


In addition to the above mentioned points of attention, in the installation and use of radiators there are some easy to be ignored, but also players need to pay attention to the details, the following author for you to introduce the selection and installation of radiators when the small details.

Plastic protective film should not be retained

Most newly purchased radiators have a plastic sticker on the side that touches the CPU. The sticker usually has the words "before use" written on it. However, some users may be careless or cannot understand the words "in English" on the sticker.

CPU烧到宕机 散热器这么使用你就傻了
Flat design of radiator underside


When the radiator is in use, the underside contacts the CPU and radiates heat through the fin. In order to have better heat conduction effect, silicon grease will be applied in the crevice. If something blocks the heat transfer, it will seriously affect the use effect of the radiator.

The function of the radiator bottom sticker is to keep the bottom clean and tidy, which can avoid scratches or bumps in the transportation process, resulting in uneven surface. It can also reduce dust or debris when users are using it, and provide better cooling effect.

CPU烧到宕机 散热器这么使用你就傻了
Radiator stickers protect the underside from scratches that affect heat dissipation

 Therefore, the CPU radiator must clean the surface when using, when the factory comes with the plastic sticker must be removed, clean surface is the foundation of good heat dissipation.

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